Advisory Boards build strong businesses. And we build strong boards.

Your business needs every advantage it can get. A properly built and managed board can help you identify efficiencies, increase profitability, optimize your business model, and help expand it. It can answer your most strategic questions and help you make those tough decisions. It’s a cheat-sheet for business-building and business success. And we’re the industry leader in structuring, leveraging and managing strategic advisory boards and boards of directors.

We maximize the assets on your board, which, in turn, maximizes your business’s success.

The right advisory board starts with the right tools.

Our industry-leading, proprietary methodologies, software and tools help you increase your board’s impact and decrease risk and liability. We do the legwork so you don’t need to.

Advisory boards that fit your business.

We work with all sorts of organizations, from privately held or family-owned businesses to healthcare companies and publicly traded multinational companies. We can help you, too.

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Want a Board?

Are you considering building a board but are not sure where to start? Not sure about the time or resources you should spend? Worried about the level of return you should expect? ABA Boards achieve ROI’s that “traditional” boards have never achieved or tracked. ABA Boards become assets to organizations not liabilities. If you are interested in in finding our if you are ready for that “dream team” board to help your company with strategic initiatives, competitive insight, introductions to key customers, or increased credibility. Learn More Here

Want to be on a Board?

Are you an experienced executive who is looking to be on a board? Are you tired of the traditional board meetings where you question what was accomplished and if it was a valuable use of your time? You might be ready to experience an ABA Board. An ABA Board is unique since we are not interested in your “name” value. Our clients are interested in leveraging your deep business expertise to help grow their company not keep them in compliance. If you are interested in working with a group of peers and watching your information help a company achieve that next level of growth then you might be ready to be an ABA board member. Learn More Here

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