Advisory Board Services

Advisory Board Architect’s services are designed to maximize the return that boards of directors and advisory boards generate for organizations. ABA’s proprietary High Impact Board System is based on our proprietary methodology combined with our technology, tools and people helps boards around the world become an essential element in accelerating an organization’s growth. ABA’s base platform is disciplined, scalable and replicable however, the modules that address specific nuances of a business due to their structure, culture or region of the world are customized to each unique client situation. Advisory Board Architects understands that boards can have different attributes, outcomes and expectations based on the specific needs and objectives of an organization.

Many companies don’t realize that their advisory board or board of directors is having a significant impact on their business right now. Either good or bad (in many cases) the board is already having an impact and “pretty good” is not a metric that objectively quantifies the impact that a board is generating. Advisory Board Architect’s system reduces the amount of time that an organization spends managing their board my as much as 70% while increasing the ROI from the board by as much as 60%. The primary goal of ABA’s services is to maximize the Impact and Return on Investment the board is having on an organization through High Impact Board processes and objective metrics.