Public Company Boards of Directors and Advisory Boards

Public Company Boards of Directors and Advisory Boards

ABA works with public companies in two very unique ways to address both fiduciary and non-fiduciary boards.

Non Fiduciary or Customer Advisory Boards

Whether these boards are called digital marketing boards, technology boards or product advisory boards most non-fiduciary boards fail to meet the expectations of the organization and the team that is responsible for running the board. This has a lot to do with the so called “best practices” on how these boards have traditionally run. For example it is difficult to generate high impact from these boards when they are primarily made up of customers and meet once per year with little follow up or tracking of metrics to ensure High Impact.

At ABA we have analyzed 100’s of these types of board for organizations and when the CEO or other Executives ask what value is created it is rare to find a consensus on the amount of “subjective value” that is being created. Yet advisory boards are a huge expense when you calculate the costs of the time of all the Executive Team Members involved with planning and executing each meeting. Our analysis shows that many Executive Teams struggle to understand how to increase board engagement and quantify returns with these types of boards when customers are present. ABA helps organizations with the following issues:

  • How can we objectively evaluate which board members/candidates create the most value in our meetings?
  • How can we optimally plan for outcomes from the meeting that will be most impactful to the organization?
  • Given that these meetings are different than any other type of meeting how can we optimize the facilitation of our meetings with experts that only know boards?
  • How can we use data from the meeting to analyze the ongoing ROI we are receiving from each meeting in real time?
  • How do we increase the engagement from our board members through a process that will not take up a lot of their time?
  • How do we implement a system that will consistently get the board members to consider how to help the organization outside of our meetings?
  • How can we implement a system that utilizes data analytics, transparency and metrics to ensure that the board is fully optimized and adding the expected value that has been predefined by the organization.

ABA’s High Impact Board System will enhance the strategic aspects of a board unlocking the acceleration that only an ABA board can provide. Our system will allow the Executive Team and Board Members to reduce their time in preparing for and running a board process by as much as 30% and increase the ROI from the board by as much as 55%.

If you would like to understand how to build or enhance your current board processes contact an ABA office in your region of the world or utilize our board analysis tool.

Fiduciary Boards

Fiduciary Boards for public companies are required to spend a lot of time on the fiduciary responsibilities that come with being a listed a company. However most board members, executive teams and shareholders would like their boards to also take a more proactive role in helping to guide the strategy and future growth initiatives of the organization. ABA has worked with many companies that struggle with how to balance the need to focus on the fiduciary requirements of the board and the strategic needs of the organization. ABA works with Listed Company Boards of Directors on issues regarding:

  • How can we optimize the time that we have in our board meetings to ensure that we focus on key strategic initiatives while fulfilling proper Governance requirements?
  • How can we optimally engage our board members on strategic issues that are most beneficial to the company?
  • How can we implement efficiencies into our committee processes in order to spend more time focused on strategic discussions in our board meetings?
  • How can we leverage the board members as a leadership development tool for our executive team?
  • How can we implement an objective, powerful and unique board succession strategy that will consistently keep our board generating high impact for our shareholders?
  • What kind of training can we provide to enhance our board members skills in order to make them board leaders and not just board managers/members?

With ABA’s proprietary technology, tools and experience we can help your organization optimally design your board processes with the proper balance of strategic and governance focuses. This will allow the Executive Team to “leverage” the board to accelerate the organization’s business model for the benefit of the shareholders. By utilizing our unique system our Public Company clients optimize and enhance their current board process and realize much greater impact while spending as much as 40% less time working on their board processes.

If you would like to understand how to build or enhance your current board processes contact an ABA office in your region of the world or utilize our board analysis tool.