Private Equity Boards of Directors and Advisory Boards

Private Equity Boards of Directors and Advisory Boards

ABA has a unique understanding of PE boards and how the independent board members should consistently operate to generate maximum strategic impact for portfolio companies. ABA has developed a turnkey system that we have implemented for many Private Equity Sponsors around the world. ABA’s proprietary systems, tools and methodology are uniquely suited to be able to translate the investment thesis and strategy of a portfolio company into strategic board members and meetings.

Along with our unique services ABA has developed a specialized training program for PE Backed Executive Teams and Independent Board Members for portfolio companies on how to maximize the impact a board has on a Sponsored backed organization. ABA works with PE Backed Boards on the following issues:

  • When was the last time we were extremely pleased with the first board meeting of a new platform?
  • How often do we walk out of portfolio company board meetings thinking we just had a highly strategic and valuable discussion that will accelerate our business?
  • When was the last time our expectations were exceeded from the strategic thought put into a board presentation?
  • What percentage of time does our board spend talking about prospective and strategic issues versus retrospective issues?
  • How many of our boards have more than one “independent” director? How about two?
  • When was the last time we did an objective analysis of how impactful the independent board member(s) were in accelerating the business model? How about an ROI analysis?
  • How much time does our CEO spend preparing for a board meeting? Would our CEOs say the preparation time was worth what they got out of the meeting?
  • How many independent board members on the board do we wish were not on the board or we know they have been adding limited value to the organization?
  • Do we feel we have a holistic board succession plan to replace independent board members as the company expands and needs new strategic advice?

Are you satisfied with the answers to the questions above? Most private equity groups have the same answers, or worse, are afraid to ask the questions for fear of what the response might be. While the answers to these questions are often consistent with most private company boards, the solutions are complex and unique to specific private equity portfolio companies. ABA’s High Impact Board System will enhance the strategic aspects of a board unlocking the acceleration that only an ABA board can provide. Our system will allow the Executive Team and Board Members to reduce their time in preparing for and running a board process by as much as 50% and increase in the ROI (to as much as a 12x).

If you would like to understand how to build or enhance your current board processes contact an ABA office in your region of the world or utilize our board analysis tool.