Board Leadership Training Program

ABA Transformational Board Leadership Training Program

According to the American Heritage Dictionary a “Leader” is defined as one who guides and a member is defined as one that belongs to a group or organization; a club member. Most organizations need more board leaders not members of a club. Unfortunately in ABA’s assessments of boards worldwide we see too many board members and not enough board leaders that are helping to accelerate a company’s growth. ABA designed the our training program to help good board members enhance their skills to become transformational board leaders.

What is the ABA Transformational Board Leadership Training?

  • Tactical and customized information that will help the executive accelerate the time it takes to get that next board opportunity.
  • 1 year intensive program which includes highly customized and individual board training with a dedicated ABA executive
  • Tactical information on defining the type of boards you are interested in and finding those opportunities
  • Real answers to your board questions and challenging your idea of what a board opportunity could look like
  • Critical information on how to add value to a board from an owner’s view. Case studies on how to become a “Pilot” board member vs. a “Policing” board member
  • Provide training of skills that will go far beyond governance programs and will enhance a board leaders ability to generate high impact on the boards that they are on
  • The ultimate program that will help board leaders to differentiate themselves from other highly qualified board members in any competitive environment.

ABA only accepts Senior Executives into the program on an invitation basis and we only have small classes available every year in 4 different regions of the world. We limit the class sizes and the available annual applicants openings.

If you are interested in going through our very comprehensive due diligence and board assessment process to be considered for this very unique program please complete our board analysis tool. Due to high demand and our exacting standards ABA does not accept unsolicited resumes or inquiries.