Congratulations to ABA’s Newest “Director to Watch”

Bill Hudson is the latest ABA Board Leader who has won this coveted award 

#PrivateCompanyDirectorMagazine came out with their 2018 Directors to Watch Stalwarts of Private Company Governance. They announced that William “Bill” Hudson is one of twelve other Private Company Directors who was awarded this honor in 2018. 

The article mentions the difficulty of being a Director of a private company board. Specifically, the authors mention “The directors highlighted in this article see their responsibilities as board members running the gamut, from providing independence and oversight to making sure they have an eye on what’s best for their companies in the long term. They bring to the table a broad array of expertise and experience that’s invaluable to companies looking to keep ahead of business turbulence. While their work, as one director puts it, isn’t always sexy, it’s a duty they take very seriously.”

Bill is currently on an ABA Client Board for a Family Owned Business and was on another one previously. He is consistently one of the top performing Board Leaders that ABA scores in all of our board meetings globally. We congratulate Bill and ABA’s five other past Board Leader winners of this prestigious honor.