Become an ABA Board Leader

Advisory Board Architect’s Board Opportunities

While there are a lot of very good and highly accomplished board members at ABA we are only looking for “Board Leaders” to work with our clients. ABA Board Leaders consistently demonstrate specific traits that ABA has identified in our analysis of the 100’s of board members that sit on our various boards around the world. By putting these types of executives on our boards for our clients and supporting them with ABA’s High Impact Board System we consistently demonstrate higher returns than most boards even realize is possible.

ABA has built a very unique and objective board candidate evaluation system. Our proprietary system is based on predictive analytics developed through our own in depth research over the last 14 years. It is designed to mathematically quantify the level of strategic impact that a board candidate will have on a specific board before they are invited to join the board. This ensures the highest level of value creation for our board leaders and clients. ABA’s scientific standards are clear and quantifiable and never deviated from regardless of the background of an executive.

If you are interested in going through our very comprehensive due diligence and board candidate assessment process please complete our board analysis tool. Due to high demand and our exacting standards ABA does not accept unsolicited resumes or inquiries.