High Impact Boards

Why Build a High Impact Board

Is your board a “fairly good” or “good” board or is it a true asset to your company? How do you know? How do you know the level of ROI that the shareholders are receiving from the board? ABA will help you answer these questions by quantifying the ROI your organization’s board is generating.

When leveraged correctly Advisory Boards and Boards of Directors can provide an organization with a competitive advantage and ROI that is hard for other companies to replicate. Organizations that implement Advisory Board Architect’s High Impact Board System realize a board and executive team that work in collaboration to accelerate the organization’s strategic objectives. We also track the level of impact that the board is generating in real time and how the Executive Team can generate more consistent and measurable impact from their board on a meeting by meeting basis.

Our experience shows that there is a big difference between efficient boards that utilize Governance best practices and High Impact Boards that generate Quantifiable Strategic Impact. We believe that just having an efficient board process that generates subjective “value” is often not enough to justify the true board costs if the board is not generating quantifiable impact. Evaluating the impact that is generated from boards that are primarily focused on Board Governance and efficiency is a highly subjective process. Advisory Board Architects will be able to objectively track, metric and calculate the impact that your board generates in accelerating your organization’s strategic initiatives and understand how to consistently achieve that impact.

To get comprehensive and objective answers to these questions contact the Advisory Board Architects office in your region of the world utilize our board analysis tools.

High Impact Board Process

The unique nature of Advisory Board Architects’s High Impact Board System will lead to outcomes that can impact the top and bottom lines of most companies. Our data in running over 600 board meetings around the world on our system shows that the higher the engagement the greater the outcomes and impact.

The proprietary tools, templates and technology implemented by ABA on behalf of our clients expedites the time it takes to get the board to impact the business.Advisory Board Life Cycle